Renovation & Extension

We utilise the industry endorsed RIBA Plan of Work to structure every renovation and extension project. Our experienced designers are qualified and provide a high level of expertise and knowledge which will see your new space come to life. Start your design journey with the practice built on an unrivalled approach of thoroughness, personalisation and truly comprehensive architectural services.

Renovation and Extension projects may require Planning Permission and Building Regulations Approval, although some can be designed and manufactured to fall within Permitted Development. The process remains virtually the same from a design perspective and it’s recommended that any building work is protected by applying for Lawful Development which will certify works from a legal perspective, for instance when the property goes through conveyancing. For more information about how our services work click here. Examples of our work can be found at our Works section.

Extension Planning Permission/ Permitted Development

You can check the UK Government guide (please select either Wales or England when visiting the site) to see if your extension plans are likely to need Planning Permission. Even if your extension is considered Permitted Development (which means it doesn’t need Planning Permission), it is still a good idea to get a Lawful Development Certificate. This is written confirmation from your Local Authority that you can build without Extension Planning Permission and aren’t breaking any of their rules. The Lawful Development Certificate will also be useful if you decide in the future to sell your home. The Lawful Development Certificate Application requires extension drawings the same as you would normally use for a Planning Application.

Extension Building Regulations Approval

Your extension will need Building Regulations Approval by either your Local Authority or an Approved Inspector. You can do this one of two ways;

1) A Building Notice
This is just a form that states you are building an extension and it enables the inspectors to quote your fees and tells them to expect to carry out some site visits soon. There are no extension building regulations drawings produced with this option and you or your builder can submit the Building Notice.

2) Full Plans Application
We recommend going for Full Plans as Architectural Building Regulations Drawings are produced by us and are pre-checked by the Building Control Officer before building work starts. Going for this option means that you can be confident that your chosen contractor won’t be building anything that’s non-compliant which could mean paying for unnecessary and costly corrections. The extension building regulations drawings we produce include all the relevant detailed section drawings, a specification and all relevant building notes to get you Full Plans Building Control Approval. You’ll also have clear, detailed extension plans for your builder to work from, further reducing the risk of mistakes on site. In our experience, contractors who are given clear and detailed plans build with greater confidence, less intervention from homeowners and with minimal error.