3D Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are often a deciding factor for those viewing universities, sport venues, real estate, hospitality venues and workspaces online. Professionally captured ‘digital twins’ can showcase properties and venues, providing users, clients and customers immersive access through your website, on their mobile or VR headset. They can link to products, promotional videos, contact forms and can even be integrated into Google StreetView.

We use the same 3D scanning equipment, software and expertise to survey existing sites and provide accurate, digital 3D models which we then use as the basis for our designs. Once our proposed designs are completed, the same technology is used to provide clients with 3D walkthrough’s of their new space which can be seen using both standard desktop equipment and augmented reality. This is particularly helpful to clients who want to get a feel for the space before its built, which is why developers working in a competitive market see this service as an absolute must to market their properties.

The technology also allows us to work with complex buildings with intricate architecture. This is common on historic buildings in city centres, but equally common in rural areas – we find ourselves working in both frequently.

Check out a restaurant captured using our equipment, as well as its other amazing capabilities, here.

Talk to us today about giving your business or organisation a cutting edge with the UK’s 3D Surveying Specialist of the Year – Innovation & Excellence Awards 2023.

Starki 3D scans your property or venue using world-leading Virtual Tour Technology

Our turnaround is rapid, typically scanning in one day with a draft tour available the next working day. For the full experience, we work with the UK’s best drone pilots to incorporate professional drone photography and a host of bespoke elements to create a high-quality tour.

Within hours, your Starki Tour is ready to explore in Stunning 4K HD

Once your tour has been created, we annotate using your content, including images, videos, location triggered events, URL links, and accessibility advice. You can even incorporate in-tour purchases by linking items to your webstore.

Explore your scan straight from your smart-phone, tablet or desktop app-free

Publishing your new tour to your website is easy, using just a few lines of embedding code. Sharing your new tour is easy too, generating high engagement on social media, email, text message and websites. Your tour also works with VR headsets.

Multiple view options enhance your users’ experience

At the start of each tour, viewers can select an automated tour in 3D, a traditional floor plan view or, the popular dolls-house view. Each view offers potential customers a different, highly detailed perspective of your premises.

Use your tour to increase customer traffic and sales

“Matterport™ customers report they receive 95% more calls and 65% more emails about properties featured on-line with a Matterport™ 3D tour. Guests and event planners conduct a huge amount of research online before they make a decision to book. Matterport™ 3D walkthroughs give your guests the most realistic and engaging experience of your business space right when they want it most” – REA Group.

The ultimate in interactive 3D & Geospatial Tours

With a Starki interactive tour on your website, LinkedIn and social media pages, prospective customers can explore your venue at any time of day or night 24/7. Share the link with their partner or guests. View menus, special events or offers using icon and colour coded in-tour links. Work in a highly sensitive setting? Content, images and locations can be easily hidden or blurred if required.